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Metal & Steel Commercial Buildings in North Carolina

//Metal & Steel Commercial Buildings in North Carolina
Metal & Steel Commercial Buildings in North Carolina 2017-06-07T18:33:11+00:00

If you are in North Carolina and are considering a new building for your commercial business, it’s time to consider steel. Steel is a great alternative to traditional materials used in buildings. Steel buildings have a wide range of benefits that make this material incredibly appealing for any business. At KY Steel of Winchester, Kentucky, we want to show you the benefits of choosing a commercial steel building in North Carolina.


Because metal is an incredibly durable material, steel buildings make for a building that you will not have to worry about repairing. When faced with the constantly changing temperatures and weather in North Carolina, steel will withstand harsh or fluctuating conditions. From high humidity in the summers, snowy and cold winters, and the large amount of rainfall that usually occurs, steel buildings will not be affected. In addition, steel buildings can withstand high winds and earthquakes, they are fire-resistant, and will not harbor pests, termites, or mold, which wooden frames would have problems with.


In addition to its durability, steel buildings are customizable in ways that traditional buildings are not. The shape of your building, the height, the number of windows, even the outward appearance and color of your building can be customized to meet your needs. Because North Carolina is known for its range of lifestyles, from eclectic to southern and traditional, steel buildings are the perfect choice because of the available customization. You can create the perfect look for your business that is not just restricted to an industrial aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency

Steel buildings require much less energy to keep heated and air conditioned than traditional buildings. With the wide range of weather conditions in North Carolina, this is a definite benefit. You will spend less on heating and cooling costs when trying to keep up with the fluctuating weather outdoors.

Environment and Wallet Friendly

Going along with the energy efficiency of steel buildings, these buildings are also environmentally friendly in a different way. When you choose steel, you are eliminating the use of wooden framework in your building. Wooden framework uses a significant amount of wood. When you choose a steel building, you can save upwards of 50 trees depending on the size of your building. Choosing steel buildings also boosts the steel industry in the United States and allows you to have a beautifully crafted, well-designed, and affordable business. Steel buildings will not require maintenance, the construction is simple and quick, and insurance costs are low.

If you are ready to learn more about commercial steel buildings, or want to discuss design options, contact the experts at KY Steel today! KY Steel, proudly serving Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, is your best choice for a trusted and hassle-free building experience.