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A Proud American Company

We are an American owned company that manufactures an all American made product. Our metal buildings are unique, multipurpose facilities designed around the owners many uses. You can play in it, stay in it, manufacture, truck, stable, farm, shop, build a loft, or fellowship in it! We believe that customer satisfaction, quality, low price and easy construction guarantees you the best buy available.

Our buildings are built with high quality American made steel on precision jig tables, eliminating any variation in size. Factory welded and pre-punched, including the girt and purlin clips, our trusses are submerged in a rust proofing solution for a long maintenance free life. Adjustable endwall trusses are standard. A 50 year warranty covers truss materials and workmanship. Our quality control ensures an easy to erect truss, saving you valuable construction time.

In order to meet all our customers needs we have four building models, the Model 97-S-SRT classic American high pitched roof, the Model 99-S-SRT traditional south/west low pitched roof, The Model 86-W-SRT 4/12 pitched roof using your wood girts and purlins, and the Model 77-PF-SRT 3/12 pitch Steel Roof Truss and your 6×6 posts and your wood girts and purlins.

​​The Model 97-S-SRT is a 4/12 roof pitch with “Cee” framing on 2 ft centers. The Model99-S-SRT roof pitch is 2/12 with “Cee” framing on 4 ft centers. Standard widths of both models are 24′, 30′, 40′, 50′, 60′ ,75′ and 100′. Wall heights available are 8 ft – 26 ft. All lengths are available to suit your building needs. Your building is fully expandable in length by adding trusses or in width by adding a shed, shed roof, or self supporting roof.

Our Model 97 and 99 buildings are engineered per local requirements for snow and wind loads. Steel trusses are spaced to permit 20 – 80 pounds per square foot of ground snow load and 90 – 150 miles per hour wind loads. We have buildings in all 50 states and in 7 countries. Our customers buildings have weathered hurricanes, tornados and snow storms, performing beyond their original engineered design.

The Model 86 is a 4/12 pitch with your wood girts and purlins on 2′ centers.  Bay spacing on this model is 12′ for a 30# ground snow load and 15′ for a 20# ground snow load.  ​​Call your building design specialist at 1-800-955-2765 with help determining your local requirements.

The Model 77 has a 3/12 pitch​​ steel roof truss that mounts to your 6×6 post, your wood girts and purlins.  Bay spacings for these buildings are 8′ for a 30# ground snow load and 10′ for a 20# ground snow load.

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